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Emerald City Hypnotherapy

Now Serving Seattle and the Greater Pacific Northwest

Emerald City Hypnotherapy is a veteran owned small business

Skype Sessions available upon request!

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Your hypnotherapist is a highly skilled and trained PTSD expert. He has overcome PTSD in his own life. He knows the trials and pains that you are going through. He is a skilled listener who will help you to overcome your symptoms and get your life back on track.

Your therapist is a highly skilled hypnotist. He first learned hypnosis while working in a psychiatric clinic in 1978, after he got out of the army. He learned one-on-one from 3 different psychiatrists. He practiced and under their supervision, worked with clients in the clinic. He later did a few stage shows and then he moved out of state to another state. While there he went to college and took more psychology and sociology classes as part of a "human services" degree. It was basically a AODA counseling (Alcohol & Other Drug Addictions) He did some hypnosis at college with fellow students for things like stress relief, focusing for studying, midterms and finals preparations, self confidence in public speaking classes, etc. etc. then he got out of hypnosis for a while as he got married and changed careers. He never lost his love for hypnosis. Nor his respect for what it could do. Now after many more years of life under his belt, he feels that it is time to give back to this younger generation of defenders of our freedom.

Today sometimes, hypnotists are referred to as a "consulting hypnotists." Consulting hypnotists are brought in to consult with business managers, business owners,sales directors, other hypnotists, counselors, Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and other mental health professionals, about individual cases, to help clients from all walks of life, become happy, healthy, productive members of society again. Your confidential client records are accorded the exact same security as your medical records are. They are bound by the same HIPAA regulations.

We utilize the newest techniques of treatment combined with hypnosis to help aid clients to change and modify the unhealthy behaviors, and restructure them into happy, healthy behaviors.

The medical industry is learning just how important hypnosis can be and how beneficial it can be to the average patient. One day in the future, you may find that hypnosis will become a regular part of the treatment plan utilized in hospitals every day. We are not yet there but with the invention of the MRI machine, medical science now knows just how much the brain responds during hypnosis. The brain can definitely influence the health of the body. Utilizing this knowledge we can reduce the need for drugs, speed up recovery times, and in general help people to lead fuller, healthier, happier, lives.

If you worry about whether this may be against your religious beliefs, then know this. HYPNOSIS IS VERY CHRISTIAN!(and other religions too.)

Have you ever heard the phrase, "God helps those who help themselves." Utilizing your brain to help heal your body is good for you.

See if you recognize how a hypnotist works. You follow his instructions. He focuses your attention on something. He tells you to close your eyes. You listen to what he says. He tells your mind and your body to do something. Sometimes he calls upon a higher power. You do what he tells you. He tells you to open your eyes. You feel a little groggy when you wake up, sometimes.

Now see if this sounds familiar. "Brothers and sisters, fold your hands together, bow your heads and close your eyes. Dear heavenly father, we come to you this day to ask for your blessings. To hear the needs of our hearts, and grant healing if it be your will. We ask this in Jesus name, Amen."

That's right. Every guided prayer is in a form of hypnosis. God is inside all of us. So talking to your self, is talking to god. (This has been debated for thousands of years too. I wont get into it here) Churches have been doing it for thousands of years. So hypnosis is not a sin. It's a form of "you," helping "yourself." Without drugs. Without side effects. Without any addiction problems. You can do it ten times a day if you want. It has no downside. So it is healthy for you.
Mental health and behavior modification are covered in many health insurance plans. Some hypnotherapists are "in network" and some are "out of network." First you need a consult or recommendation from your primary doctor, or psychiatrist. Then find a hypnotherapist that feels right to you. Then contact your health insurance provider to see if they are listed or are covered by your plan. If they are, then contact them and schedule an appointment.

Emerald City Hypnotherapy is a veteran owned small business

EMERALD CITY HYPNOTHERAPY 138 SW. 157th St. #105 Burien, Wa. 98166
Phone  (206) 853 - 3619   Fax (206) 243-5185

email: therapist@emeraldcityhypnotherapy.com
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