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Please check in often, as we are offering specials for first time clients.
If you don't see one, please ask in your email to us, "What is the current special?"

The Special for this month is: recommend us to a friend, who books a session, and you get $50 off on your next session with us.

"The Beautiful Seattle skyline, "under the rainbow."

This beautiful picture is gratefully used with permission of Jade-Kat Photography.

What makes Emerald City different from other Hypnotherapists?

Here at Emerald City Hypnotherapy, we know and understand how scary it can sometimes be to go to a clinical environment and sit and wait for your turn with the Doctor, Dentist, or other medical professional. Why can't they come to you? Like in the old westerns and other movies. The doctor came to your home, and took care of your needs, and you felt completely at ease, safe, and comfortable. Why doesn't anybody do that anymore?


Here at Emerald City Hypnotherapy we come to your home where you are most comfortable, and at a time, that is most convenient for you. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only mobile hypnotherapy service in the Pacific Northwest.

So how does this work, exactly?

First you email us to contact you. Just send us an email with your Full Name, age,(we have to make sure you're an adult), telephone number and we will call you and give you one of our free consultations over the telephone. Then we will arrange to come to your home, (or other location) at a date and time that is comfortable for you. The first session is always scheduled for 90 minutes to allow time for the initial paperwork and to make sure you are comfortable with the treatment plan for you. You will always know what is going on.

Next, we have the session, and you will feel very relaxed, calm, and peaceful. Many people say that they awaken from hypnosis feeling like they just had a nap or a massage. Hypnosis feels good. Hypnosis is completely safe. Did you know that both the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association have recognized hypnosis as being real, and confirmed that it is extremely helpful in the treatment of certain kinds of illnesses, since the 1950's? Yes! They both do. For over 60 years now. Did you know that 18 major universities and medical schools have created brand new neuroscience programs (brain studies), since the MRI machine showed just how active the brain is under hypnosis? Yes, it's true! You really are not asleep. Only your conscious mind is at rest.  Your subconscious mind is not only awake, but hyper awake, and working at over drive speed, and power.

Here at Emerald City Hypnotherapy we use only the newest established therapies that are proven to work. Gone are the days where you had to go in, session after session, and lay bare your deepest memories, until the analyst understood you. Now we use techniques that preserve your privacy. We don't have to know your history in order to help you move past it. Now, possibly in as little as 1 - 3 sessions, we can help you. For some things more sessions are required.

Why can more sessions be required?

Have you ever peeled an onion? While the outside skin seems perfectly normal, dry, crispy and peels off easily, once you get past it, you find a bad spot. Then once you remove that bad spot, underneath of it, you find an even worse spot. Sometimes one unhappy, or traumatic event, can cover up an even more unhappy or traumatic event. So once we expose the second one, we need to treat that one too, or the client would be left with an even bigger bad spot. Just like with the onion, we keep peeling away until we have only healthy, wholesome, perfect onion. If you want, we won't stop until you have a healthy, peaceful, brain. Isn't that what you really want? To be without that turmoil in your thoughts and feelings? Without that stress? To be able to take a deep breath without that old pain in your mind? To be able to get a good nights sleep, and work without biting somebodies head off, for the least little thing?

We can help. Contact us today. Schedule your appointment and start to feel better soon.

email us at: therapist@emeraldcityhypnotherapy.com


Emerald City Hypnotherapy is a veteran-owned small business, located just a few blocks from beautiful downtown Burien Washington, Just south of Seattle.
The only hypnotherapist actually located in Burien, at this time.



Located in Burien, Washington
Phone/Fax (206) 853 - 3619
Email is the best way to contact us at this time
email: therapist@emeraldcityhypnotherapy.com
Washington Department of Health Registration # 60614603
City of Burien License # 12338

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